The Love STV game is an STV Competition governed by the following rules and by STV's General Terms of Use and Competition and Prize Draw terms and conditions.

The Love STV game is open to anyone living in Scotland who has joined STV. If you are under 16 you need your parents' or guardian's permission to participate. All users who are signed in will be awarded points for certain predetermined actions on the following parts of STV's websites: and its subdomains (Shows) and (the STV Player). Points are awarded as follows:

  • Commenting - using the STV Comment facility on articles and videos in Shows in accordance with our STV House Rules for each comment: 50 points.
    STV reserves the right to disqualify any person leaving Comments that are not in accordance with the House Rules (which includes being off topic) or are otherwise meaningless.

  • Sharing - i.e. sending a link to the piece of content to another user, whether they have joined STV or not, using the Share buttons on each piece of content, via Facebook, Twitter and Google+ (but not e-mail) for each share: 50 points.

  • Watching qualifying videos. A qualifying video is a video appearing within an article within Shows or on the STV Player, excluding News bulletins, Scotland Tonight and other news related programmes.

For each qualifying video viewed within Shows: 25 points.

For each qualifying video viewed in the STV Player: 50 points.

You can watch a video as many times as you like; you will score points every time.

Users who have joined STV and are signed in participate in the Love STV game automatically. However if you would rather not take part, you can opt out at any time by ticking the opt out box on your dashboard. Please be aware that once you have opted out, you will not be able to opt back in to the Love STV game pilot.

Points are updated automatically. Users can review their total at any time on their dashboard. In some cases, there may be a delay, no greater than 24 hours, between the awarding of points and the display on your dashboard. Refreshing your page may speed up the process. Other users will be able to see your points score on the Leader Board which will be updated from time to time. If you believe you are entitled to points which have not been awarded, please contact, using the headline Love STV, stating which actions you believe were not credited and when they were carried out.

Prizes will be awarded when pre-determined points thresholds are reached; details are on the dashboard. If you reached the necessary threshold, you will either be sent your prize automatically or, for the highest level prizes, you will be entered into a prize draw along with others who have reached the same threshold. The competition and and prize draw of winners will be conducted in line with STV's General Competition terms. Prizes are described here.

There is no need to claim a prize. However, if you believe you are entitled to a prize which has not arrived within four weeks of the date you achieved the necessary score, please contact, with the headline Love STV

The Love STV game is a pilot scheme. STV reserves the right to terminate the game and freeze the scores at any point. In that event, all prizes will still be awarded on the basis of points already scored at that time. In any case, the game will end on 1st December 2014.

STV also reserves the right to block any user's participation in the game if the pattern of use indicates that they are attempting to undermine the principles of the game (for example, but not limited to, using automatic devices, writing automatic scripts to mimic actual user activity, and other ways of generating qualifying actions)