STV & You

Over a million people just like you have joined STV and more are joining every day. Just like you, they want to access things like the STV Player, our great Competitions and other STV products and services. We’d like you to think of STV as someone you can trust, whether it’s on the box, online or wherever you meet us. So we thought we should explain why we ask for your details and what we do with what you tell us. Our Privacy Policy, sets out all the details but here are some of the key points.

The first thing to know is that we look after what you tell us carefully and never sell it to anyone else. So working down our Join form;

Your Name
We ask for your Name so we can address you properly when we contact you.

Email Address and Password
Your Email address is what you use to sign back in. Same applies to the Password you choose. Email is also how we keep in touch. Just email; nothing else.

Date of birth
Knowing how old you are helps us confirm you are over 16 and ensures we communicate with you appropriately. It also helps us to understand who is using our services more fully and to schedule more appropriate advertising, which eventually feeds back into better programmes. Advertising is, in the end, what pays for all your favourites. When we do use your information in that way, we use it anonymously. As a thank-you for sharing this information with us, we’ll send you a birthday card.

As to where you stay, you probably know that STV only covers certain specific geographical areas, not even the whole of Scotland. And, as you probably also know, we have different programmes for different places. We want to make sure you get the right ones. Our transmitters are not precise and they don’t understand post-codes; so it’s better to have your proper address. Sometimes, knowing where you live tells us a bit more about you and we can use that inforrmation in the same way we use your date of birth, to schedule more appropriate advertising. Again, it's all done anonymously.

Opting In
Finally, naturally, you probably quite like being kept up to date with all the good things we have for you; advance information about great new programmes; fantastic competitions; special offers; a whole suite of regular email newsletters; and there are going to be more where those came from so that you can tailor your STV to suit yourself. You can get all of this just by leaving this box unticked. That tells us you’re happy for us to send you the occasional email (in addition to any specific ones you subscribe to). You'll get them from us us and they’ll be about our programmes and services, not anybody else’s. What have you got to lose? We give away everything from cars to holidays; some of our winners only find out about the competitions from an email.

However, you remain in control. You can opt out of these kind of emails whenever you like on your Preference Centre page (or by following the Unsubcribe link in any emails you get from us.)
If there'a anything else you'd like to get in touch with us about, drop us an email at